The ZOB's have been on the world football stage at Zagreb since 2009. 


After starting off with enough for 1 team, 2013 sees the ZOB's fielding teams in the Over 35 A, B and C's competitions in the St. George Football Association.


In fact, 2013 was the most successful year of the ZOB's with both the B's and C's becoming Minor Premiers and Premiers, whilst our A's finished up Runners-up in the Grand Final.


Motivational speeches from former 1994 World Cup Bulgarian International Tiger Kardum has the 50 brave men in white ply their football maturity on the field each week by razzle dazzling their opponents with their blinding pace, referee debating, footballing prowess and drinking abilities.


The hair might have gone greyer or bolder, stomachs got bigger, but the football skills never go away.


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